Mon 8 Jun: Things won are done…

I admit, it's a nice feeling to see my name on this poster.

I admit, it’s a nice feeling to see my name on this poster.

So, I find myself as joint-winner of the 2015 Melita Hume Poetry Prize with Maria Apichella. I am delighted beyond more descriptive words, and excited that my collection of poems will now be published as a book, by Eyewear, in 2016.

You can read today’s full press release on the Eyewear blog, here. The competition judge, Toby Martinez de las Rivas, writes:

Tony has reached into the past and brought us a new way of seeing an old, familiar form […] Looking back over my notes as I was reading the collection, I find the following: ‘Supremely generous’, ‘At times, technically brilliant’, ‘A clever mix of overblown Romantic structures with a self-deprecating tone which is very attractive’. It is undoubtedly not perfect – he often writes in full rhyme, and iambic pentameter […] but that slight unevenness is all part of the fun, part of the hugely generous vision, the willingness to push on, which makes this collection ultimately so rewarding and enjoyable.

I am most grateful to Eyewear Publishing and its director, Todd Swift, for all the support through the judging process and through the months to come as the book moves towards publication; to Toby Martinez de las Rivas, for his benign and encouraging consideration of my work; and of course and as ever, to all of you for your continuing readership, encouragement and dream-making.

Over the years, I have often offered Shakespeare’s counsel, ‘Things won are done; joy’s soul lies in the doing’. I continue to draw much happiness from all that has resulted from this creative project and look forward to doing more. I hope that you are encouraged to pick up a pen, and to try doing some poetry of your own.

9 thoughts on “Mon 8 Jun: Things won are done…

  1. Congrats!
    Thank you for succeeding. Your poethood proves the possibility for me to realise my dream in future, however nonsensical it may be (for the time being, becoming a street artist and a detective at the same time).
    However, I am afraid at the same time that the successes can stop our journeys as we halt to indulge the sweetness. Please do go on writing, keep on ‘doing’ your poetry. Hope that more of your work can be appreciated by the world.
    And in near future, hope that this first collection of yours would sell well, though I might not be able to claim all 200 copies reserved for me.

  2. Hi Sorry, I have not had internet access for a while so just picked up your mail. Congratulations. I am so delighted for you. Well deserved and it fulfils part of the purpose of your journey, to be creative! Really chuffed for you. How are things going for you?  My gorgeous candle has pride of place in my new home. Thank you very kindly! God be with you. Olive

  3. Clever lad, Tony
    I am glad I knew you before you were famous….although I think maybe you always have been

    Well done 😁


  4. Dear Tony,
    Well done and we are so excited that all your collection of poems of this Walk will be published in a book in very near future.
    You deserved this winning as you put 100% effort into this project and the most important thing is you could still write a poem at the end of each day of this 78 days long walk. It needed a lot of determination, discipline, physical and mental strength and also your creative thinking together to make such a success.

    Very well done indeed.

    peter Chan

  5. Congratulations Tony. We dont know what to say but so glad to share the success that you achieved, reaaly proud of YOU!!!
    Sheila n Thomas

  6. Congratulations!! very excited for you, I’m sitting next to a very proud Mum at work. This has been a very enjoyable and exciting journey right to the very end or is it beginning? Enjoy your success and many more to come..

  7. 축하 축하
    A very good return for your work and support for you. Waiting for your book.

  8. This was excellent , very good indeed! Wish you every success in future. Send a copy of your book. Congratulations again !

  9. Tony, this is absolutely fantastic! I am so pleased for you. I hope you are ok, and am aware I should have been in touch before. Let me know how you are, and what you are up to. Are you coming this way at all? xx Liz Sheard, English and Skills Development departments.


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