Fri 1 May: Vanity of vanities!

My name sandwiched between 11 others.

My name sandwiched between 11 others.

If there might ever be a time for some vanity, mixed in with some self-promotion and self-aggrandisement, this may well be it. In short, the collection of poems produced during this walk has been selected in the Shortlist for the 2015 Melita Hume Poetry Prize. The prize is offered for the best debut full collection by a poet under the age of 35.

If you wish, you can read the announcement of the shortlist on the Eyewear blog, here. Also, you can read more details about the prize on the Eyewear website, here.

As the final judging has begun, it has been necessary to remove all of the poems from the public domain: I apologise that both returning and new visitors to this website are no longer able to view all of the poems (written between January 3 and March 21).

Who would have thought that my 78 poems would receive even a semblance of critical appreciation? When the longlist of 20 was announced a fortnight ago, I thought myself fortunate. Now, with news of this shortlist, I’m thinking very fortunate. Regardless, nothing would have been made possible without the ever-present encouragement from many of you through the journey itself, astute counsel in the planning phase, and supportive friendship and love as I have returned and settled back into the normalities of life. Thank you, as ever and most sincerely.