Sun 22 Mar: Fin

Well, I’m back onto motorised transport and I have a motion-induced headache. This walk has been such an intense and substantial part of my life over the past few months that settling back into society is probably not going to be completely straightforward. Still, I’m very glad to have taken on the project and to have completed it. As you might expect, I have dozens of stories that I should hope to share with you one day, and have taken a great deal of perspective and adventure out of the entire experience – next time that I drive a car, I shall definitely slow down as I pass a walker!

For those of you who are interested: here is the map of my route. You can also view the complete route and distance chart, in miles and in kilometres.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

As for what waits ahead, I really do not know. I’m inclined to take on another walk-and-write project, following the Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome; but perhaps I have walked enough in recent days. We’ll see where life leads.

I am always happy to hear from anyone, and equally happy to answer any questions. My contact details remain as published.

One last time, thank you, for all of your messages, emails, calls and prayers of encouragement; they were so very uplifting at the end of each day’s walk. Now seems an apt time for me to deploy Marlowe’s neat phrase: terminat hora diem, terminat auctor opus.


6 thoughts on “Sun 22 Mar: Fin


    This was a momentous walk and a great achievement. Throughout the walk you photographed some amazing scenery and experienced some amazing encounters. Very proud of you!


    1. Thank you very, very much: yet the photographs were just about being in the right place, right time with a camera, and each encounter was very much a blessing offered. As for momentous, I very much appreciate your compliments, but my route is really only equivalent to half the way between Sydney to Perth – it’s interesting what some perspective offers. Very much hope that you are well.

  2. Hi Tony, I am late reading your daily sonnets, but I loved the update every day, I shall miss them, I only know about your travels because, my Husband works with your Farther sometimes, here in Sydney, I think your Sonnets are really lovely , maybe you have a career, as a poet or a writer.
    Best wishes.
    Susan Chan.

    1. Dear Susan, regardless of when you started reading, I’m grateful that you’ve read them at all and for your compliments. Today is the first day that I’ve not written a sonnet, and I can tell you that I miss writing them already!

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