Fri 13 Mar: Ilminster to Honiton

There are a near-dozen charity shops,
Full of what were once somebody’s treasures.
A newly-employed shop attendant mops
Round the piled junk of unwanted pleasures:
From oil portraits of unknown figures and
Hickory-shafted sand wedges and woods,
To sets of second-hand furniture and
Multifarious superfluous goods.
Farther up the road trade the antiques shops,
Each with postcard windows of old treasures,
From bureaux inlaid with various woods
And early twentieth century mops,
To vintage toys of nostalgic pleasures:
Cast off chattels revamped as Veblen goods.

The entire collection of poems from this project was published by Eyewear in 2016. Only a sample of the 78 poems remain accessible on this website.