Weds 21 Jan: Crianlarich to Tarbet

Poor lil' fella ...

Poor lil’ fella …

Carcasses sag on the roads as remains
Decayed to skeletal shapes, or riven
Asunder to display red-ripe swollen
Innards slowly seeping new asphalt stains.
They were not to know the laws that dictate
Momentum and inclement instances
And increases in braking distances:
And thus they came to face their fall and fate.
Ecce homo, me, just an animal
Rambling the roads in a frenzied flurry
To duck obese-laden lorries that pass
Suddenly with speed and without signal,
Saved by my lane-leap and verge-hop scurry.
What good is sapiens in a carcass?

The entire collection of poems from this project was published by Eyewear in 2016. Only a sample of the 78 poems remain accessible on this website.

4 thoughts on “Weds 21 Jan: Crianlarich to Tarbet

  1. I think these are getting really good, Tony! Nice to know the drastic measures work. Thinking of you as I see pix on the news of deep snows in Scotland, and hope you are keeping warm and safe, in spite of the lorries! x Liz Sheard, English and Skills Development departments.


    1. All in the ‘eye of the reader’, Liz. Everyday is a struggle between the trite, amusing poems, and the more serious, reflective offerings.

      Indeed there have been some pretty dangerous scenarios walking on the roads, and I’ve had to keep the ears open and take precautionary leaps over crash barriers or up onto hedging just to ensure my own safety. Still, from tomorrow, I’m on the John Muir Way, which is mainly dedicated walk/cycle paths, so that should offer some respite for a week. Weather has been really fine for the past three days! Full sunshine and no wind at all, much better than you’re getting down in England!

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