Sat 3 Jan: Dunnet Head to Wick


At Dunnet Head, 8.15am.

Ahead, at shoulders with the morning mist,
The way is lit and temptingly begun,
By cloud-splintered rays of the rising sun:
Path and light are caught in conjugal kiss.
Excitement drives the eager heart onward,
One foot works, then the other of the pair.
In front lies the alluring morning air:
It is all too easy to move forward.
At my back arrive poundings of wind gust
And pummellings of hail. I pace on,
Feet stamping forward yet against my mind.
Memories distant decay into dust,
Memories cherished are too soon far gone:
Valued fragments of life lived, left behind.

The entire collection of poems from this project was published by Eyewear in 2016. Only a sample of the 78 poems remain accessible on this website.

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