Thurs 1 Jan: T minus 46 hours

Greetings from Inverness. It is 10.15am and I am writing from a golden aches café, which is one of the few establishments open here on New Year’s Day. It is my first visit to McDonald’s in many months – but I suppose that I am about to embark on a project which will involve many firsts. Over the past week, I have slowly made my way north; I reach Thurso tomorrow evening and I set off from Dunnet Head on Saturday 3 January.

In terms of weather, it is pleasantly temperate in the Highlands. On the 3rd, sunrise at Dunnet Head is due at 9.01am and sunset at 3.32pm. As I am walking south over the course of the next few months, and as the solstice has passed, it ought to be quite a good feeling to see more and more hours of sunlight each day.

A new year, a new venture: a 2015AD venture.

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