Thurs 18 Dec: A Rising Interest

There has been a lot of interest in this website over the past week: thank you for your curiosity and encouragement. I am sorry that there are not more frequent updates, but really, there is not much to report until the walk begins in the first week of January. No one needs to be bored by postings charting the minutiae of preparations. I wish to make clear that this is not a website set up with the intention of publicising my project: the website is simply a mechanism to hold me firm in my commitment to write a sonnet a day.

Yesterday, I wrote  a sonnet for the first time in many years. I regret that I cannot publish it in this post, as it was a poem written in private thanks to a good friend. It confirmed that I can indeed wring and wrangle 14 lines of text into less-than-accomplished poetry. Yet, I was happy when I completed the poem, and even happier whilst engaged in the process of composition. We shall see how long my enthusiasm for forming poetry will last.

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